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Ni hao ma? Hi, I am Alice See, a chinese pretty lady :) Ni hao ma in mandarin means how are you? :)

I am a happy 29 years old girl that stay in Malaysia. My full time job is an account executive.

My mum is a die hard tupperware fan, she is always proud to show me her Tupperware collection since she collected 20 years ago :)

Of course, as her daughter, I had influenced a lot by her, and she had successfully turned me into a Tupperware lover too !

I had learn a lot of knowledge and tips about Tupperware products from her. The purpose that I create this website is to share with other Tupperware fans on some of the Tupperware products tips that I find useful :) 

Beside, I am selling some Tupperware products in very good price :) You can check out our Tupperware products Store here , you may find some products that you like :) 

As I just start this website in April 2017 ( 4 months old ), I had not yet create a lot of content for this website yet. I will my best to update this website in regular basis :)

Feel free to contact me through my Contact Me form if you have any inquiry pertaining Tupperware products, I will try my best to help out, I am happy to meet up with new friends :)

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